Qualification – Master’s Degree in Management (CP or Electrical Engineering background is an advantage)
– minimum three (3) years of experience on the same position in Oil and Gas Field


Roles & Responsibilities

Manage the project administrative functions and ensure project completion with customer

Project Management Administration

Budget Preparation for the Projects Department

Preparation and presentation of Executive Management Report

Frequent visit to clients and serve them the best way of resolving
their requirements

Finalizing the pending dues and ensure invoice payment on track

Lead to market search for new clients and opportunities

Evaluating of Scope of Work provided by the client

Preparation of Bid Tender

Attending Job Ex Meeting / Kick off meeting

Manage any projects total requirements from equipment to human

Lead Project Planning, Scheduling, Executing and Completion

Monthly focus meeting with employees to determine their needs
and solve any challenges quickly

Best Plan and actions to utilize resources on best efficient
productive way

Make sure all Area Supervisor are active

Make sure Admin Coordinator all Admin Coordinator
communication is active