HR Consultants International

Member of “Executive Recruiters Association” in India accredited by ERA      An ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management Systems) Certified Company     An ISO 10002:2014 (Customer Satisfaction and Complaint Management System) Certified Company     Manpower recruitment/Supply Agency Services registered by the Govt. Of India     Air Travel Agent Services registered by the Govt. Of India     Technical Inspection and Certification & Testing Services registered by the Govt. Of India

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HR Consultants International (Employment Services) ), we work healthy & Good understand with our valued clients/Customers to increase their readiness level to implement Enterprise Project Management and Human Resources Management systems. This includes Manpower recruitment/ Manpower Supply, Training, Testing, Inspection & Air Travel and other services also.

Our Activities: We are registered organization by the Government of India-
"Manpower Recruitment/Supply Agency service, Management or Business Consultant Service, Scientific and Technical Consultancy Services, Air travel agent services, Technical Inspection and certification Agency service, Works contract service".

We are having extraordinary track record for several years, we are providing Manpower Supply Talented Skilled/Semi-Skilled Certified of all categories in India & other Locations.